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Open Flags for Retail Stores

Everything You Need to Know About Open Flags for Retail Stores

Whether you are a small clothing or a corporate chain store, you can attract customers with eye-catching open flags for retail stores and boost your business’s visibility. Using open flags is an inexpensive way to boost your advertising right outside your store. 

Weekend Sale flag advertisement

Benefits of Shop Flags

People are visual creatures, we take note of our surroundings, and a well-designed and placed shop flag can grab the attention of potential customers for your store. You can choose to place the flag outside your store or even at the entrance to the building. Placing your advertising flags near the entrance will get shoppers' attention and entice them to visit your store. Here are some more benefits to investing in these flags:
  • Portable. One of the best benefits of shop flags is their portability. If your business has stores in various locations, you can use the same flag at the various locations, this way, you can save money while you still advertise. 
  • Reusable. If you have general designs printed onto your flags, you can pack them away for a while and bring them out when you feel that business has slowed down and needs an extra boost of advertising.
  • Not mundane. When you use billboards for advertising your business, people start to get bored of seeing the same thing every day, leading to them forgetting about your business. When you use flags, you can move them around the centre where your business is situated.

The Importance of Event Flags

Whether you are hosting an event or will be participating in one, having flags made to promote the event is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you will receive visitors either at your store or at your booth at the event. Many corporate companies use event flags to promote their business while they are at tradeshows, as they have realised just how important visual advertising can be. 
  • Marketing. When it comes to tradeshows and events, many companies are vying for the same type of customers. Having an event flag that stands out can improve your business’s chances of drawing people into your shop.
  • Inexpensive. Events can happen several times a year, and if you advertise different products or services at these events, you won’t want advertising to eat into your budget. 
  • Durable. Should you attend several shows a year and use the same general banners, you want something you can pack away and not have to worry about. Our flags are made from quality materials, making them exceptionally durable. 

Why Trust Us Regarding Business Flags

Our quality business flags have proven to be an effective way of advertising a company. Although we are in New Zealand, we have been in the business of servicing companies based in both New Zealand and Australia for more than a decade. We also offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee or replacement policy if you aren’t happy with your purchase. 

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